Help For Potheads – It’s Time To Quit Smoking Weed!

by iseetesting

quit smoking weedWe are all aware of the health threat that smoking weed can pose to us despite its controversy. Kicking this smoking habit is big step to a healthy, relaxed body. However, quitting marijuana can be tough because of its withdrawal symptoms like cravings. The following tips are meant to help those who want to quit smoking weed completely.

Have a desire to give up your smoking habit, and develop a strong will to quit smoking marijuana. Your willingness to stop abusing the drug will be reinforced by a positive mindset towards quitting. Making it a priority in your list of the most important things will put you on toes every time you think of smoking.

Writing down the reasons why you want to stop smoking. The reasons will inspire and motivate your desire to kick the habit away. You probably have a couple of reasons why you want to stop being a pothead ,include all of them in your list to help you stay focused in your efforts to be a smoke free individual.

Avoid your old friends whom you used to smoke marijuana with. This might not be easy because sometimes we might be loosing friends we’ve known for years or even maybe from our child hood. But, this is the only way we can make progress to stop smoking pot. Cut their contacts for sometime until the time you’ll be able to stand firm by your decision. Later when you catch up with your friends again, avoid situations that may arise your cravings again. . Erase the contacts of the drug dealer who supplies you with the drug.

Identify the reasons that lead you to smoking pot. You can even choose to write them down. Many people smoke weed for a number of reasons, the most common one being to relieve stress or escaping life realities. There are better ways to deal with stress than smoking weed. Smoking weed will not provide a lasting solution for your troubles. Face your problems in a bold and a realistic manner.

Replace your reasons for smoking with constructive activities. The feel good sensation that a marijuana smoker feels, can also be derived from workouts or exercises. These activities will also distract you as you will lack idle time to think about smoking.

Lastly, to be prepared for this whole exercise, write down a list of difficulties that you may come across when trying to quit smoking and the approach you will use to solve them to quit smoking weed completely.